Went to ICA for the first time today -- I wish I wouldn't have waited so long!! I've had acupuncture done in the past, but this was so much better and a truly amazing experience.  My treatment was with Tim - such a warm and inviting doctor. I was a bit wary of the community setting (it seemed a bit uncomfortable to me that others would hear our conversation), but Tim spoke softly to maintain privacy. Frankly, I think sharing the experience with the 6 other people added to my experience. Everyone was respectful of each others treatments. So incredible.  
- M.H.

The good people at ICA are wonderful. Before I came here I tried acupuncture at other places. At ICA treatments are effective and affordable. I am able to come more often and enjoy the benefits, now I feel more balanced and have less anxiety. It is good for both physical and mental health. There is a good vibe to the whole thing. Coleen, Tim and Sadie; keep up the good work! Thank so much!
 - K.P.

Once I stood up and walked around, I realized my pain was gone!  Thank you so much and see you next week -
- L.L.

My experience at ICA can be summarized in one word, "Wonderful". I came here with acute bursitis of the shoulder and found relief in two sessions! From, then on it has almost completely healed (I avoided surgery!). I got my shoulder examined lately and there was no bursitis! I have benefited in several other ways as well. Less anxious, peaceful, a better metabolism and general peace. My suggestion? Even if you do not have an ailment, a session every two weeks will only make you feel happier!

- L.P.

 I am beyond grateful for this experience.  I was at the end of my rope, depending on narcotics to save me.  I'm not now.  I have a piece of my life back and it will keep getting better. 

Ithaca Community Acupuncture is a little known gem in the local healing community. The practitioners/owners are knowledgeable, friendly and effective. I came in to stop smoking and almost 4 months later, I'm still tobacco free. Whatever your illness/injury, ICA is worth considering as a part of your care.
Once you walk in the humble entrance, there is a beautiful treatment room that is peaceful and comforting. It's a great place to get a break from the stress of modern life.
Many alternative therapies are helpful yet some are expensive and outside of one's budget. The sliding scale at ICA makes it affordable for all. This is no small issue in our expensive medical world.
ICA is a special place and a real gift for Ithaca. I'm so happy I discovered this community gem and it's worth checking out when you need their services.
 - S.F.

My experiences have been very positive and powerful. Each therapist has their own style and I find I have great relief with all of them. Their gently, soft energy makes one feel at ease. Best acupuncturists in Ithaca (that I have seen). I was treated for withdrawal from opiate pain relievers, pain, headaches, sleep deprivation. Excellent! My daughter, 8, has been treated twice so far, for allergies and both times she reported feeling a lot better! - A.C.